Avionics Sales and Service


Avionics Sales

Foothills Aviation sells new avionics through our dealerships with major manufacturers--from basic VFR to full IFR panels with electronic flight instruments. Whether portable or panel-mounted, certified or experimental aircraft, we can find the right avionics to fit your aircraft and your budget.

We are authorized dealers for Garmin, Sandel, TKM/Michels, S-TEC, and Dynon.

Check out this video about Garmin's new GTX-345 ADS-B transponder.

Avionics Installations and Repairs

The professionals at Foothills Aviation have years of experience installing avionics in general aviation and amateur-built aircraft. Whether you are having one radio installed or a complete panel, Foothills Aviation, Inc. can accommodate you quickly and cost effectively. When the installation is complete, an FAA Certified Repairman will handle all the necessary paperwork and certifications. Remember that the proper use of your avionics equipment is your responsibility, so please review the respective operator's manuals thoroughly before using any avionics equipment in flight. Foothills Aviation also provides high quality avionics repair services at much more reasonable costs than avionics shops at larger airports.

Transponder and Static System Certifications

To ensure the highest levels of aviation safety while operating in the Air Traffic Control system, Foothills Aviation can test and certify your transponder and static system keeping you in compliance with FARs. If your transponder or static system should require adjustments or repairs, Foothills Aviation can quickly get you back in the air and flying safely.